Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-01T06:00:37+00:00
Does the booking price include alcohol?2020-07-01T05:40:20+00:00

The booking price does not include alcohol, unless there is an exclusive offer given to our VIP membership holders. For all other bookings outside of monthly or event driven deals, alcohol is an additional cost on board with standard bar prices offered. Additionally a pre paid TAB is available. Request a copy of our Lux Bar menu at

Can I hire Luxcoach by the hour?2020-07-01T05:42:11+00:00

Luxcoach can only be hired for a minimum of 4 hours on a weekday and a minimum of 8 hours on a weekend. As there is currently only one Luxcoach exclusively available to Melbourne, to meet demand we only offer a half day and full day hire of our coach.

Can I do a half day hire on the weekend?2020-07-01T05:44:45+00:00

Unfortunately due to a high volume of bookings on both Saturdays and Sundays, we currently only offer a full day hire of 8 hours on weekends.

What if I only use the coach for travel to and from venues?2020-07-01T05:45:45+00:00

Luxcoach is at your disposal for the entirety of your booking period. Our coach and friendly staff will be waiting to take you wherever you’d like to go next.

How much does it cost if my booking exceeds it’s dedicated time?2020-07-01T05:50:07+00:00

It is $100 per hour for overtime to cover the costs of our staff.

How far will Luxcoach travel?2020-07-01T05:51:34+00:00

All standard booking prices include up to 250kms worth of travel beginning from our Luxcoach Terminal in Cheltenham, Victoria. Any travel past that limit comes with additional costs. However unique booking arrangements can be made for travel outside of that travel limit as well as interstate, additional costs are applied.

Will Luxcoach travel interstate?2020-07-01T05:52:46+00:00

Yes, we’re more than happy to discuss further travel arrangements for Luxcoach to travel interstate. Just email us at

Can Luxcoach pick up from multiple locations?2020-07-01T05:53:27+00:00

Yes, we can definitely pick up passengers from multiple locations within your booking time.

How many passengers does Luxcoach take?2020-07-01T05:54:14+00:00

Luxcoach can host up to 15 guests while travelling. While the coach is completely stationary and parked we can comfortably host up to 25 guests.

Can we bring our own alcohol on board?2020-07-01T05:54:55+00:00

You cannot bring your own alcohol. Standard bar pricing for all drinks are offered, as well as an option to pre-request alcohol types and labels.

What could I use Luxcoach for?2020-07-01T05:55:42+00:00

We host all kinds of events as well as travel to and from venues. Whether it’s a winery tour through the Yarra Valley, a hens or bucks, or even as your own portable refreshment venue to have outside your Wedding. The options are endless! Not sure how you can utilise your Luxcoach experience? Email our dedicated staff for planned itineraries at

Are there bathroom facilities on board?2020-07-01T05:57:18+00:00

Yes there are powder room facilities available for your dedicated 15 guests on board.

Is the VIP membership free?2020-07-01T05:58:40+00:00

Yes our VIP Luxcoach Membership is free, just sign up your details and you’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts, with an immediate 10% off your first booking with us.